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Sea focused is an interactive agency committed to helping luxury superyacht sales and charters. We specialize in asssisting owners and brokers to present their yachts in the best light.

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What do we do?

Through drone footage, still images and interactive vr360 imagery, a custom visual experience will be crafted for every ship. These ‘experiences’ will allow potential clients to view and interact with each yacht so as to select the one best suited to their needs and tastes.

360 Virtual Tours

Underwater 360 with Gili Shark Conservation

Scuba Dive Liveaboards

Sailing and Motor Yachts

360 Videos

Videos with Drone

Resorts and Properties

Villa Nangka

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360° VR

Vr360 images and interactive experiences, wherein 360 stills are linked together so that clients may explore paths through the yachts to examine every detail.


Drone flyovers for external footage of yachts in exotic locations. Get out of the dry dock and put the yacht in its element.

Photo & Video

Photography stills of external and internal elements of the yachts. Video footage capturing the yacht’s movement and spirit.


Yacht Charters

This is a sweet spot for the Sea Focused experience. With repeated use for every charter sale, brokers leverage the portfolio of Sea Focused material and allow charter clients to choose the perfect yacht for them.

New Yacht Sales

Presentations may be made at every stage in the development of a new yacht build.

Yacht Refits/rebuilds

Existing interiors as well as designed remodeling (pre construction)

Pre-owned Yachts for sale

Comprehensive and engaging, the Sea Focused material helps to market the yacht as well as provides an interactive way for brokerage clients to ‘see’ each one without/prior to any visits. This helps both the client, saving travel and time, as well as the owners, saving fruitless show and tell to uninterested buyers.

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